A3 ArtesDecorativas. Venta On-line de Piezas de decoración clásicas.
APROSUBA 3 ARTES DECORATIVAS, S.L. is an art studio where gilding and polychome craft techniques are combined in a masterly way with innovative processes of treatment and reconstruction of the stone. People working for this project feel real passion for Art, which is shared with the team of sculptures who shape our works. They get inspired by the greatest artists of the History, who left their artistic legacies so that everyone could enjoy them. We want to join their aim by offering a wide collection of historical artworks of Classical Style.

Take your time to observe what we try to show you. Value it. Analize the contents. Maybe you will find the piece you love, the motif, the texture, the color, and the quality you are looking for. All of them are objectives in mind in our everyday work. Therefore, when contemplating this collection do not hurry and think with sensitivity. Keep in mind that you are looking at a handmade product, caressed with great skill, and made in the hope of pleasing you.

We will convince you that our hands and hearts are filled with sensitivity, affection and skill, to be at the service of Art and make possible what you can see here.

Every inch of stone knows how much have we pampered it as well as the importance that we give to a job well done. We make all our efforts with the objective of satisfying you, and make this team deserving of appreciation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you. 

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